Launching TalkDeath, Religious Studies, and Other Updates

A lot has happened in the year or so hiatus from writing on this blog. I stopped tree planting two years ago, finished an MA in Religious Studies, was accepted into the religious studies PhD program at McMaster University, moved to Hamilton, Ontario, and have a dog (her name is Nela). Sometimes it is hard to make sense of the paths that bring you to whereever it is you are, this journey has been no exception.

As I enter into my second year of my degree, I am making professional efforts networking, writing and hopefully publishing. This year will see me applying for a fellowship in digital humanities, and a position on the board of directors for an academic organization. Yet what I need to do, and do more of is write. Here I am. Over the next few months I will be writing about death, dying and my academic journey.


Today I thought I would introduce my topic, and announce the launching of a great project I helped found. My academic focus is on modes of digital death and religion. I am researching the increasingly prevalent practice of mourning online, as individuals (in the West) communicate with the dead through social media profiles and online memorials. I am particularly interested in the philosophical and ethical issues that will arise as digital representations become increasingly realistic, and when those representations disappear.

In my spare time, I am the managing editor and writer for TalkDeath’s mission is to encourage positive and constructive conversations around death and dying. I would urge you to visit the website, learn about the death positive movement, and follow our social media.

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