Academic Background:

PhD Religious Studies & Social Sciences
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario

M.A. Religious Studies
Concordia University
Montreal, Quebec
August, 2016

B.A Religious Studies
Concordia University
Montreal, Quebec
May, 2013

Social Sciences / Media Studies
John Abbott College
Montreal, Quebec
March 2006

Publications & Projects:

2016 – Book Review
Cohen, Jeremy, review of Partridge, Christopher. 2015. “Mortality and Music: Popular Music and the Awareness of Death” Bloomsbury Academic. pp. 240 in, Journal of Religion and Culture, vol. 26, no.1 pp. 94-97

2015 – Reli 639: Undergraduate Survey
Survey of 65 undergraduate students on their attitudes on death and dying. Qualitative and quantitative data collected for final coursework.

2014 – Student Publication
Cohen, Jeremy. 2014. “Online Memorials: Grief and Ritual in the Modern Age” in, CRSA Academic Journal of Religion, Concordia University, pp. 49-51

2014 – Public Lecture Series
Main organizer for public lecture at Concordia University featuring Megan and Grace Phelps-Roper titled, “Leaving the Westboro Baptist Church”

2013 – Grey Nuns Ethnography & Exhibit
Reli 403: “Grey Nuns: On Tourne la Page.” Ethnography of the Sisters of Charity including interviews, photographs and material documents in Montreal.

Conferences & Lectures:

2015 – Guest Lecturer
Reli 378: Death and Dying, “Online Memorials & Post-Religious Funerals”

2015 – McGill Centre for Research on Religion Conference
“Religious Ritual and the Institutionalization of Death”

2014 – Guest Lecturer
Reli 378: Death and Dying, “Online Memorials & Post-Religious Funerals”

2014 – Annual Graduation Interdisciplinary Conference
“Online Memorials: A Dialogue With the Dead”

Volunteer Positions:

2015 – Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference
Social Communication & Design Coordinator

2014 – Graduate Religion Student’s Association

2014 – Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference
Panel Chair
Event Volunteer

2013 – Concordia Religion Student’s Association
Vice-President of Finance

2013 – Student Representative
Student Representative on the Dean’s Council for New Religion Chair

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